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Reigisa selfies (as a request for anon) on a date at an aquarium~ (According to my inbox you guys seem to like Nagisa with his hair tied up hehe)

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The sexiest Volleyball players, huh ?

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My winter Toph original ^^ i dont have fantasy, so… maybe its not cool costume =D

But.. Toph in Russia XD




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"More Étouffée?" - 6x8", Acrylic & Gouache

Original available for purchase from Disney Wonderground Gallery.

Price: $450

For enquiries and holds for personal pick-up only, please call  Disney Vault 28 at (714) 300 7004

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After everything you’ve learned about me, after everything I’ve done… why haven’t you given up on me?

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If Facebook Was A Guy


FACEBOOK: Hi, I’m Facebook.
ME: Nice to meet you, I’m Ryan.
FACEBOOK: What’s your last name? Where do you live? When were you born? What’s your phone number? Is that work or mobile? Can I have your work number too?
ME: Facebook, I just met you.
FACEBOOK: This is what…